Lifelight is game changing technology that allows a smartphone or tablet device to measure blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate, simply by looking into the device’s built-in camera for up to 40 seconds. Completely contactless, with no additional hardware needed, it saves healthcare staff time while improving the patient experience, avoiding the need for healthcare staff to make physical contact with patients and avoid cross-contamination of devices from one patient to another.

Lifelight delivers benefits across a wide range of use cases whether stand-alone or at scale. With its transformative ability to measure vital signs simply using the patient’s own smartphone, Lifelight removes the cost and complexity of hardware blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters. It is able to be embedded into existing healthcare platforms and pathways, allowing them to be more efficient, more effective and more scalable.

The World’s only clinically validated and regulated contactless vital signs solution, Lifelight, was the first to deliver contactless Blood Pressure (BP) measurements – the holy grail of vital signs measurements. Being the first to deliver clinical grade BP readings and attain true novel technology status means a truly clear competitive advantage has been established globally.

Key Facts

  • Lifelight has attracted grant and equity funding of £2.7m – and over £10m in total since being founded in 2018.
  • September 2023: Lifelight is ORCHA approved
  • August 2023: Lifelight receives ISO 13485:2016 certification
  • January 2023: Lifelight provides community blood pressure checking to enable preventative health care with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System
  • May 2021: Lifelight secures £1.2m Innovate UK Loan to scale Remote Patient Monitoring
  • September 2020: Lifelight awarded prestigious NIHR & NHSX AI in Health Award. From over 530 applicants, Lifelight selected as one of the 42 technologies that will be implemented in the NHS over the coming years with the overall goal to be in the NHS App by close of 2024
  • April 2020: Selected by NHS England as one of four nationally important technologies, for NICE’s digital health pilot, resulting in a NICE MedTech Innovation Brief (MIB)
  • December 2019: Lifelight gains CE Class I
  • 2018: Vision D Clinical Study – 8,585 inpatients, outpatients and volunteers in busy hospital setting at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. One of the largest digital physiological studies of its kind.

Successes in UK/NHS

Lifelight has been well supported by NHS England. Our company ethos is built on rigorous clinical validation and regulation - our first 1k patient trial back in 2017 helping to secure our first £1m grant from SBRI Healthcare, an NHS England and NHS Improvement initiative, supported by the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN). Deployed in the NHS since 2019, we have a number of case studies, including a live project with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board. This use case deploys Lifelight in the community for self-service blood pressure screening. The public can access Lifelight via a self-service kiosk stand when visiting their local health hub (often located in shopping centres). The NHS in Lincolnshire have also recently deployed Lifelight in a virtual ward capacity. Lifelight safely remote monitoring and managing the vital signs of an ageing population with two or more chronic conditions who want to remain living at home. Over a 6 month period, patients submitted 23,116 valid blood pressure readings using Lifelight, indicative of its very high levels of adherence against other traditional methods. Lifelight improving the patient experience and critically saving lives.

Company details


Delivering advanced patient care

Enabling self-care

Providing advanced screening and diagnostics


General health

Long-term condition monitoring

Primary Care Screening

Company details

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Funding Status

Series A

Markets already exporting to

We are working globally, primarily through a number of telehealth partners looking to embed Lifelight into their healthcare platforms. Opportunity wise 60% is within Europe, 25% the Americas and the remaining is ROW, including Asia and Australia.

Desired Markets

Due to language, accessibility and size, Europe and the largest global healthcare market, the Americas are important to us. That said, Lifelight is about making healthcare accessible for all simply via a smartphone or tablet – with no additional hardware. Regular vital sign monitoring is proven to improve chronic disease patient outcomes, but is not widely practiced as patients in developed world countries find existing monitoring methods time-consuming and uncomfortable, and patients in emerging countries do not have access to the needed medical equipment. Our vision is to turn every device on the planet into a self-monitoring healthcare platform.

Desired customer types

Global Telehealth Providers, Primary Care, Secondary Care, Population Screening - embedding Lifelight into leading healthcare and telehealth care platforms to support remote patient monitoring and management.

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