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Community Self-Service Blood Pressure Screening with HIOW

Case Study: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board

Problem to be Solved – Reaching the Unreached

The latest statistics from the British Heart Foundation suggest that as many as 7 million adults in the UK alone could be living with undiagnosed high blood pressure (hypertension).  Additionally, of the hypertensive patients who already know they have high blood pressure, 46% do not own a BP cuff and those that do own a cuff – only 1% use them frequently or correctly.*

As blood pressure is the best single physiological indicator for Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, this equates to 43% of people with hypertension in the UK being undiagnosed.*

High blood pressure carrying a greater risk of Cardiovascular disease, still the leading cause of death – globally.*

The Project

Located at the Health Hub in Festival Place shopping centre in Basingstoke, Hampshire and supported by NHS innovation adoption organisation Wessex Academic Health Science Network (Wessex AHSN), the Lifelight self-service kiosk offers patients the opportunity to check their blood pressure whilst attending for regular health checks.

Shoppers can also simply “walk-in” if they want to check their blood pressure.  One passer-by said, “Thank you so much,  I was concerned about my Blood Pressure, but this has given me peace of mind!”

Lifelight is available for patients to check themselves, with on-screen instructions to guide them.

As well as providing fast vital signs readings, one of the key benefits of Lifelight is the patient experience – zero contact – no uncomfortable cuff, no need to undress, no wearables – patients simply look at an iPad screen for 40 seconds.

Their vital sign readings – Pulse, Respiration and Blood Pressure are then linked back to their medical records, allowing abnormal readings to be flagged to their GP for any necessary interventions.

In the first week alone Lifelight carried our 200 checks with 1/50 advised to monitor, 6 referrals to their GP and 1 patient advised they had very high blood pressure – who had no idea.

The Benefits

The ability for our patients to have their blood pressure and other vitals checked at the same time as receiving their flu vaccine just makes sense for both
patient and the NHS.

We’re finding patients who had no idea they had hypertension getting picked up by Lifelight, allowing us to intervene so they can receive the right care to manage their condition. Too many patients unfortunately only realise they have high blood pressure when they find themselves in hospital with a heart attack or stroke.”

Tim Cooper, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board

Lifelight has been able to reach patients who don’t normally get their blood pressure checked whilst they receive their flu vaccine or other health checks, lowering CVD risk and saving lives.

Lifelight’s contactless self-service capability overcomes the use of a blood pressure cuff, so reducing ‘white coat syndrome’ where people having their blood pressure measured in traditional clinical settings exhibit blood pressure levels above the normal range.

CVD represents not just a huge financial cost to healthcare providers – according to The King’s Fund, CVD costs the UK health system an estimated £7.4 billion and the economy an estimated £15.8 billion a year – but also a significant cause of distress to humanity.

This is where Lifelight can really drive efficiencies and economies with improved outcomes, address healthcare inequalities and ultimately save more lives, by highlighting patients at risk of CVD early and providing access to the right care pathway.



* Even for the diagnosed 46% do not own a BP cuff – Anbarasan et al – 2021
* 43% of people with hypertension in UK are undiagnosed – GOV UK / PHE – 2017
* World Health Organization – 2022                                                                                                                                                                           

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