Digital health solutions

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Augmenting healthcare professionals
31 companies

Enabling healthcare professionals to make better clinical decisions through advanced learning solutions and with the help of digital technology.

Delivering advanced patient care
70 companies

Care that is beyond hospitals and healthcare settings, that is patient-centric and digitally enabled and that expands the boundaries of the current care models

Driving insights and analysis
34 companies

Intelligence derived from healthcare data, accessed in a secure manner, for applications in healthcare and life sciences

Enabling core infrastructure
31 companies

Solutions that sit at the heart of a digitally enabled healthcare system and ensure information and solutions are managed, stored and disseminated as needed

Enabling self-care
43 companies

Technology that enables people to look after their general health as well as a range of conditions with a particular focus on mental health and serious, long-term conditions

Enhancing collaboration and communication
38 companies

Using technology to better engage with patients and improve their understanding as well as enabling better communication between healthcare organisations and professionals

Improving quality & efficiency
62 companies

Solutions that drive greater quality and efficiency through workforce management, better patient flow and through the measurement of key metrics.

Providing advanced screening and diagnostics
18 companies

AI and data driven technologies as well as novel user-facing tools to provide both broad screening as well as highly condition-specific, advanced diagnostics