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Improve Psychological Therapy Recovery Rates with Outcome Feedback

Outcome Feedback (OF) is ‘Expected Treatment Response’ technology developed with leading mental health researchers and available exclusively in the PCMIS case management system.

Proven to reduce risk, it is designed to improve patient outcomes and help reduce treatment costs for psychological therapy services.

Benefits of using Outcome Feedback in Psychological Therapy

For patients

  • Reduced risk of deterioration in complex cases by up to 73%, and by 48% for all patients treated using OF
  • Reduced number of treatment sessions required to achieve outcomes similar to those treated without OF
  • Keeps patients engaged and see positive results sooner
  • Empowers patients to be more involved with their care due to collaborative approach encouraged by OF

For healthcare providers and clinicians

  • Cost effective – according to an independent Health Economic Evaluation conducted in 2020
  • Improved efficiency through reducing the treatment sessions required to see change in patient symptoms
  • Cost savings – by reducing the number of appointments required to reach improvement by around 25%
  • Strengthen patient – therapist relationship through collaboration and ongoing discussion
  • Reduced risk – Quickly identify those “not on track” and take action

Check out our Outcome Feedback for NHS Talking Therapies case study

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