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VirtTuri is a next generation, AI, clinical assistant and two cutting edge machine learning technologies, that together, promotes the recall of critical healthcare information relating to conditions, medicines and treatments.

VirtTuri has been specifically designed and developed to address:

• Poor healthcare education
• Poor patient engagement
• Poor patient comprehension
• Poor patient recall of critical healthcare information.

VirtTuri provides a consistent and accurate responses, in over 120 languages, and can represent multiple ethnicities, genders and ages, which addresses the challenge of health inequality.

VirtTuri ensures the cost of information, delivered at scale, remains highly affordable, with the added features and benefits of:

• Text to speech
• Simple integration into most digital platforms
• Ongoing provision of deep user insights
• Adverse event tracker
• Machine learning improves accuracy with use.

Key Facts

VirtTuri was developed with the assistance of two of the UK’s leading academic Data Science departments VirtTuri’s development process was voted ‘Outstanding’ by Innovate UK. VirtTuri closed its initial funding round in Spring 2023 and is focussed on delivering solutions to the healthcare industry. VirtTuri is now gearing up for a Series A round, and has a truly exciting innovation pathway ahead.

Key problems VirtTuri is designed to address:

  • Improve patient comprehension and adherence
  • Deliver cost effective visual information at scale
  • Reduce inequality in healthcare
  • Align to net zero targets.


Successes in UK/NHS

VirtTuri is now being used deployed by a number of trusts and NHS England to address a number of patient pathways, but primarily to address inequalities, Net Zero targets and cost cost savings. Additionally, VirtTuri is being deployed by a number of global organisations to improve comprehension and reduce costs right across the workforce as well as customers. Other exciting use cases include clinical trial recruitment and intervention. NDAs are restricting us from sharing specific information right now.

Company details


Enabling self-care

Enhancing collaboration and communication


General health

Patient engagement, communication and education

Company details

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Funding Status

Series A

Markets already exporting to

South Korea, Middle East, Africa

Desired Markets

Western Europe, Canada, USA, Australasia, Asia, Africa

Desired customer types

Hospitals, government departments, health systems (public and private)

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