Truu’s Healthcare Digital Staff Passport empowers healthcare workers to own their personal data enabling remote, secure and rapid employment checks. Organisations can onboard staff faster, with higher levels of governance.

Founded by two NHS doctors, Truu’s Digital Staff Passport has been designed to solve a growing real-world problem. Hundreds of thousands of clinical days are lost every year due to employment checks, with a high percentage failing due to outdated or missing information. Onboarding organisations are at risk of compromising patient safety or delaying onboarding.

With rising international clinician movement and increasing remote consultations, being able to verify clinicians to a high level of assurance is critical. Truu’s Digital Staff Passport enables this through the issuing and sharing of verifiable credentials between trusted organisations and individuals.

Clinicians no longer have to rely on paper copies or third-party organisations holding their credentials. They can hold and share verifiable credentials using Truu’s privacy-protecting Web3-ready passport with organisations completing employment checks to a high level of assurance. As well as enabling passwordless single-sign-on.

Built by clinicians for clinician; Truu’s Healthcare Digital Staff Passport is trusted by the UK NHS, private healthcare and the US Federation of State Medical Boards.

Key Facts

• NHS Digital estimates that over 100,000 clinical days are lost every year due to employment checks just on junior doctors. • BMA calculated that employment and identity checks costs the NHS over £200m per year. • The General Medical Council had to review 30 years worth of licensing data after a New Zealand psychiatrist practiced for nearly 30 years in the UK without the proper qualifications. • In France, telehealth platform Doctolib allowed two fake doctors were able to practice for several weeks on the platform due to gaps in their onboarding and verification procedure.

Successes in UK/NHS

Deployed by the NHS as the NHS COVID Digital Staff Passport to help rapid redeploymeny of staff to hotspots

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Markets already exporting to

Truu is running a pilot in the US with the Federation of State Medical Boards and is collaborating with a New Zealand based telecomms company

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Regulators, hospitals, Ministries (Health, Interior/Home Office), healthcare service providers, Royal Colleges equivalent, training providers, telehealth platforms, clinicians (doctors, nurses, allied health professionals), clinician regulatory bodies

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