Tactuum provides healthcare organisations with a digital enablement platform (Quris) delivering automation and efficiency for triage, assessment, risk stratification, care management, self-management and wellbeing. Quris, is being used to directly support clinician decision making (89% improvement accessing the right information at the right time), patient engagement (reduction in referrals by 62%), virtual wards and Hospital at Home. Quris is deployed within the UK, USA and Africa.
The Quris platform is readily deployed with minimal/no impact on an organisation’s IT department allowing clinical teams to determine benefit quickly and easily. Quris has been adopted as NHS Scotland’s national knowledge & decision support service and is being used across a wide range of areas (primary and secondary care) supporting both clinicians and patients.
For clinicians, Quris allows care teams to implement digital workflows and care pathways with no technical knowledge, quickly and easily. Quris is also supporting clinicians directly in areas such as local flow navigation hubs, triage, assessment and point-of-care decision support. For patients, Quris can be used to enable self-referral, self-management and self-help thereby reducing the demand on busy clinical teams and services.

Key Facts

Quris was recently used to deliver a 62% reduction in referrals to Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) within NHS Lothian through clinically evidenced and streamlined digital patient needs assessment. Quris was deployed to improve access by clinicians to hospital guidelines and protocols and demonstrated a 89% improvement in accurately answering clinical questions compared to a baseline using the hospitals existing clinical guidelines platform.

Successes in UK/NHS

Nationally deployed across the whole of NHS Scotland and recent entry into NHS England with NHS Manchester Foundation Trust and coming deployment into University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust

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Delivering advanced patient care

Enabling core infrastructure

Enhancing collaboration and communication

Improving quality & efficiency


Health records and administration systems

Integrated and coordinated care

Patient engagement, communication and education

Triaging and Patient flow management

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

USA, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia

Desired Markets

Canada, Middle East (Qatar, Saudi, UAE), SE Asia

Desired customer types

healthcare providers (private, government)

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