Surgery Hero


Surgery Hero is a digital clinic that helps people prepare for and recover from surgery at home.

Our solution combines human health coaching, personalised digital guidance and access to a toolkit of educational resources to help our members understand and adopt lifestyle behaviours that improve surgery outcomes. Optimising an individual’s body and mind ahead of surgery minimises unplanned cancellations, reduces surgical complications and speeds up recovery.

Surgery Hero is working with a growing number of employers, insurers and hospitals to provide our members with much-needed support throughout their perioperative journey.

Our clinical research in collaboration with academic partners and the NHS has demonstrated significant improvements in member self-management skills, modifiable risk factors, cost savings from a reduction in length of hospital stay and fewer complications.

Key Facts

Problem: – 34% of self-insured employers’ total healthcare spend is surgery-related, yet most cost-reduction solutions are not containing these expenditures. – Surgery recovery is the third most common cause of absenteeism in the work place. – 30% of people suffer post-op complication, half of which are avoidable with better preparation. Surgery Hero: – Surgery Hero has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80+. – Surgery Hero is included in the Partner Collective by Collective Health: – Surgery Hero was in included in the NHS Perioperative Playbook: – Surgery Hero reduces hospital length of stay by an average of 2 days. – Surgery Hero reduces post-op complication rate by 56%.

Successes in UK/NHS

- Signed contracts with 11 x NHS Integrated Care Systems and trusts - Signed contract with UK insurance company.

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