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Stress Point Health is on a mission to make everyone’s brain health by providing universally accessible digital mental health care that improves brain health through emotional regulation.
SPH has built the world’s first API targeting automatic emotional responses using their patent-pending digitised Neurofeedback technology.

Research and clinical evidence supports digitised Neurofeedback as the future of personalised mental health care and is revolutionising the approach to treatment. SPH is offering this highly effective treatment to the market via a smartphone for the first time to not only improve clinical outcomes but also provide a solution for patients that can be used at home at any point along their treatment pathway.

Combining digitised Neurofeedback with machine learning enables the data from SPH’s products to be used to drive efficiencies within the mental health care ecosystem. This includes precision therapy, improving diagnostics and early intervention using digital biomarkers. The first step towards this goal is SPHERE – an app using digitised Neurofeedback to improve symptoms associated with stress, anxiety and PTSD.

Key Facts

Research findings by Imperial College Faculty of Medicine in 2021 evaluated Stress Point Health’s solution as more effective at improving the most common symptoms of stress, anxiety and PTSD than meditation using the leading app in the market. 86% of users reported a reduction in anxiety using a clinically validated anxiety scale, 74% of users reported an immediate reduction in their symptoms, 41% felt no anxiety at all by the end of the session. Signed agreement with Health First Caribbean Outreach to offer mental health services to the residents of the Island of Montserrat with potential to roll out across the Caribbean.

Successes in UK/NHS

Piloting with private companies to support employee mental health and provide measurable support. 135 Clincal referrals through healthcare providers in the private sector. Over 2000 users directly from the App Store. Regulated as a Class 1 Software as a medical device in the UK.

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Enabling self-care

Enhancing collaboration and communication

Providing advanced screening and diagnostics


Mental health

Patient engagement, communication and education

Specialised diagnostics

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North America, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa, Europe

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Hospitals, private clinics, government health systems, insurance

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