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Our remote patient monitoring app, Clinitouch, allows healthcare teams to monitor people’s health from anywhere, helping to provide better care outside of hospitals & clinics and free up clinical resources. Our tech helps improve access to healthcare, increasing patient-clinician connectivity so people can be cared for at home or in the community.  

Combining vital signs monitoring with patient questionnaires, Clinitouch provides the needed clinical data in one place, with a prioritised dashboard to help clinical teams to manage caseloads more effectively. 

We keep our tech purposely simple – because of our own backgrounds in healthcare, we know over-complicated often means unused.

We’re proud to have announced our Value-Added Reseller program in 2023, securing reseller partners in areas such as India, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, the EU and the Caribbean. We’re continuing our search for valued distributors and partners that share our passion for expanding remote patient monitoring into new areas. 

Key Facts

Clinitouch has published, proven evidence of improved patient and clinical outcomes, increased capacity and cost savings.

  • Using Clinitouch to support COPD patients in their own homes resulted in a 67.5% reduction in unscheduled hospital admissions
  • Using Clinitouch to remotely monitor patients lead to a 484% return on investment to the health system(2).
  • Using Clinitouch for a virtual ward in the NHS delivered estimated health care system savings of 1,103 bed days with £529,719 in net financial savings(3).
  • A virtual ward for COVID-19 patients led to a 50% reduction in re-admissions for patients discharged with Clinitouch(4).

(1) Ghosh, S. et al, 2016.
(2) Ghosh, S. et al, 2018.
(3) Swift, J. et al, 2022.
(4) NHSX, 2022.

Successes in UK/NHS

Clinitouch and its parent company, Spirit Health, has partnered extremely closely with the NHS for over 15 years throughout many periods of change. We've successfully delivered pilot and large scale projects in partnership with the NHS, with published, proven results. Pre-pandemic we supported patients with COPD and heart failure to receive brilliant healthcare at home, and have worked with the NHS to design and deploy digital solutions for COVID-19. Now, we're proud to be the technology provider for one of the largest, at-scale hospital at home deployments in the NHS, delivering 16 digital pathways across a number of clinical areas.

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Delivering advanced patient care


Digitally-enabled out of hospital care

Long-term condition monitoring

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

UK, Australia, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Malta, Namibia, Caribbean

Desired Markets

We are looking for partners in all countries, with a specific interest in the EU, Australia, Africa, India, and Caribbean.

Desired customer types

Our desired international customers are hospitals, government health systems and reseller partners with complimentary, non competing products/service.

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