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At Savience we specialise in the design and deployment of mobile and kiosk based self-service registration and patient flow systems in both scheduled and unscheduled care. Ambulatory care is our core focus. Savience Clarity is our core product.

At the heart of the Savience DNA is the will to go the extra mile, to innovate and build brilliance. We listen to what our customers ask of us and we strive to improve both the service and the breadth of the solutions we supply.

Nimble, innovative and highly talented. The Savience team has complete focus on delivering strategic and at times, tactical, solutions to the problems that arise in busy overstretched and often under resourced Ambulatory or Emergency care departments.

In fast-moving, high-volume areas of hospitals, Savience provides a comprehensive solution for patients and hospital staff alike. Unless the flow of people from arrival to departure is managed seamlessly, queues lengthen, staff are stretched – and frustration builds. Working with Savience helps hospitals reduce these frustrations, tackle bottlenecks and deliver high quality, modern and efficient services.

Our capability to integrate with a multitude of different, and often difficult systems, is a key benefit that Savience brings.

More of a solution provider than a system provider, Savience brings a can do, open minded attitude and dogged willingness to succeed in all our ventures, big or small. We have proven to be an excellent partner for any hospital, their staff, partners and above all, their patients.

Key Facts

Founded in 2001, the directors of Savience have over 75 years of IT experience between them in a wide range of sectors. The company is the major supplier of self-service patient arrival and flow systems in the UK and Northern Ireland, and has proven success in the Republic of Ireland and more recently Canada. More than 100,000 patients are currently using Savience systems every day.

Successes in UK/NHS

From modest beginnings working with GP and Dental practices, through to complex, innovative and market-leading solutions for large teaching hospitals, Savience continues to exploit technology to help improve patient flow. Our next generation of mobile-first solutions will help bring about the step change required across outpatient, emergency department and community systems. For more news, updates and case studies on our work in the UK/NHS market please see and

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Improving quality & efficiency


Triaging and Patient flow management

Company details

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Funding Status

Not seeking funding

Markets already exporting to

Canada, Eire.

Desired Markets

Canada, USA, Eire.

Desired customer types

Health care providers such as hospitals and other regional authorities responsible for delivering care.

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