Remcare is a patient-friendly app that allows clinicians to collect condition-specific health status information from patients remotely at every step in the clinical pathway. The platform can analyse this data and automatically risk stratify patients according to pre-set clinical thresholds and present this on the ‘clinician dashboard’. This gives hospitals an opportunity to customise clinical pathways according to individual patient risk leading to fewer appointments, promotion of patient self-management and more timely intervention while decreasing costs to healthcare providers and increasing patient throughput. 

Remcare can automate both the admin and clinical validation on a single user-friendly digital platform. The benefits of the system are: 

  • Validation can be performed quickly and efficiently 
  • Reduces the burden on administrative time and resource 
  • Reduces the clinical burden by providing up-to-date and relevant health status information for clinicians 
  • more appointments can be converted to virtual using Remcare so helping with net zero target 

Remcare is the only bespoke solution in the market for digitising the entire surgical pathways for children and adult services. By providing a paradigm shift in clinical pathways we can reduce clinical and administrative burden and increase productivity while improving patient care. 

Remcare provides an end-to-end digital solution for the entire surgical pathway incorporating the following elements: 

  • Early health status risk assessment at time patient is wait listed – enable identification of patients with co-morbidities and lifestyle related issues to help with pre-optimisation and capacity modelling at a hospital and regional level 
  • Automated 3 monthly schedule of waiting list validation questionnaires which are displayed on the hospital dashboard to help with administrative and clinical validation and prioritisation.  
  • A complete digital pre anaesthetic assessment solution with advice and guidance to clinicians
  • Digital prehabilitation solution 
  • Post operative remote monitoring platform  


 The unique features on the pre-anaesthetic assessment module are as follows: 

  • Evidence based Advice and guidance to nurses based on patient answers about their health status 
  • Tailored information sent to patients automatically on patient app based on patient responses (eg smokers can automatically smoking cessation advice, etc) 
  • Automated information sharing with patients based on which procedure they are having and related PROMs questionnaires.  
  • Two-way messaging between the clinical team and patient directly including photos, videos and document sharing. 
  • Users can easily generate reports for audits, research, reporting, etc. 
  • Fully customisable questionnaires, digital structured notes and PreAMS summary sheet outputs based on local preferences. 
  • Intuitive dashboard with clinical colour coded risk stratification of patients to allow regional workload sharing 
  • A single platform for clinicians and booking staff to manage patient workflows 
  • Admin groupings for example relevant social issues highlighted on dashboard 
  • Questionnaires available in multiple languages

Key Facts

Problem we are trying to solve: 

Clinical pathways in hospitals require multiple patient appointments/ phone calls to collect the information required from patients for diagnosis and management. Such pathways are manual and resource intensive; this creates one size fits all clinical pathways leading to sub-optimal patient outcomes and decreased productivity. 

It leads to unnecessary appointments for low-risk patients, resource deficit for high-risk patients, bottlenecks, delays to treatment and poor productivity, inefficiencies in operational processes on patient pathways. Such pathways cannot cope with the increasing demand, shortage of health workers and increasing cost of healthcare. Patient and visitors travel are influencing the carbon footprint of the health systems. 

The solution: 

Remcare is a pathway-agnostic digital solution which enables digital transformation of clinical pathways so healthcare settings become smart hospitals. Rencare is a progressive web application that allows healthcare providers to collect patient health status information remotely through bespoke surveys and customisable qustionnaires which incorporate complex decision trees and risk stratification tools. Patients answer these questionnaires from the comfort of their homes on the Remcare app. The app assimilates this data to permit automated risk stratification. This allows clinicians to customise care for every patient according to his/her individual risk profile and allows healthcare providers to intelligently allocate resources according to the risk profile of the patient leading to improved efficiencies.  

Real-world evidence for Remcare is available in the following pathways:

a) Pre-endoscopy assessment pathways

b) Automated admin/clinical validation of waiting lists

c) Digital preanaesthetic assessment platfrom for adults and children

The impact:

NHS long term plan

a) Identified 5% of patients who do not want to proceed with endoscopy; this minimised/eliminated late cancellations and DNAs (Shared decision making)

b) Bowel prep Information/videos available to patients on Remcare app to improve bowel preparation compliance resulting in reductions in repeat endoscopies (digitally empowering patients)


2023-24 priorities and operational planning guidance

Supporting a productive workforce:

a) Reduction in pre-endoscopy staffing requirements from 4.6FTE to 2.3 FTE

b) 50% decrease in consultation times


Increase theatre utilisation:

a) 32% of patient identified for calling in at short notice


Reduction in follow up activity:

a) 75% reduction in patient appointments in pre-anaesthetic clinics


30% increase in elective activity:

a) Throughput in pre-endoscopy assessment clinics increased by 70%


GIRFT pathways and centre for perioperative care –

a) Early identification of patients with co-morbidities on waiting lists to allow early pre-optimisation and minimising risk of late cancellations

b) Standardised pathways by providing clinical decision support tools


Net Zero targets –

a) Converted 53% of face-to-face appointments to virtual ones in pre-anaesthetic assessment clinics.


Automated administrative and clinical validation of waiting lists (at 12, 26 and 52 weeks as per NHSE guidelines): 

This has allowed identification of: 

  • 32% of ‘fit and healthy’ patients to call at short notice to improve theatre-utilisation 
  • 68% of patients with multiple co-morbidities for pre-optimisation to improve outcomes 
  • 16% of patients who can be discharged from waiting lists 
  • 70% decrease in staffing time required for validation 
  • 18% of patients with health inequalities 

Downstream benefits of Remcare are:

a) increased demand for throughput needed

b) improved patient’s self-management and care plan adherence

c) Reducing NHS workforce pressure

d) Increasing NHS effectiveness

e) Improved access to care

f) sustainability and climate change goals by allowing care to be delivered closer to home

g) fewer patient appointments, reduced burden on staff, shared decision making and more timely intervention using real-time data leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Successes in UK/NHS

Remcare is UKCA marked as a medical device. We are on the Crown Commercial Services Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS Spark) and G-Cloud 13 government procurement frameworks. We have a close partnership with West Midlands Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network (WM SIC ODN). This network incharge of standardising children’s surgery across West Midlands is promoting use of Remcare as a single digital front door for children’s pre anaesthetic assessment services across the West Midlands. We are deployed at the University Hospitals of North Midlands (Adult and paediatric pre-anaesthetic assessment service, Chronic pain Service and Endoscopy service); Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital paediatric pre-anaesthetic assessment service. We have also had discussions with regional NHSE/GIRFT managers who are very interested in the potential impact of using Remcare to help with elective recovery programmes and are very supportive. Extensive consultations have been done before Remcare was created. The product has been co-designed following extensive PPIE and clinician consultations. This has proved effective as our studies have shown that patient and staff satisfaction using Remcare is around 96% and 100% respectively.

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