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PKB are the leading supplier of Personal Health Records, giving patients and professionals access to a complete record. The borderless service connects information from all providers to create a single, unified record. Furthermore patients can input their own data manually or via integrated apps/devices/wearable technology to track their symptoms and trends, empowering and enabling them to take control and self-manage their health and wellbeing in partnership with their healthcare providers.

For health and care professionals and the wider economy, the PKB platform enables greater efficiencies with the potential to release cash savings. Remote management, engagement and symptom tracking allow professionals to support patients before symptoms escalate. Professionals can also access the same information from all providers to significantly reduce duplication, increase capacity and ensure a patient’s multidisciplinary care needs are always met.

PKB are working in 8 countries, hosting over 12 million records, and supporting hundreds of organisations. In addition, the company is proud to support many countries’ government led programmes and initiatives, being the first Personal Health Record to integrate with the NHS App in England, and the MedMij Programme in the Netherlands, with further national programmes being established currently across the UK and Europe.

Key Facts

Established for 14 years and led by a clinical team, with many clinical/healthcare professionals throughout the company. Working in hundreds of different specialty areas across primary, community, acute, mental health and social care services, PKB spans the whole health and social care ecosystem, supporting citizens and patients when and where they need it. The first patient facing service to combine health and social care data in one record. Growing by 4,000+ registered users a day.

Successes in UK/NHS

Over 2,000,000 patients in the UK registered for the platform, with 12,000,000 records hosted. Over 20% of UK lives are covered under a PKB contract. 15/42 English NHS regions are utilising the PKB/NHS App integration to support their patients. Several hundred organisations live spanning all health and social care services.

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Delivering advanced patient care

Enabling core infrastructure

Enabling self-care


General health

Health records and administration systems

Integrated and coordinated care

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong

Desired Markets

APAC, GCC, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand.

Desired customer types

Government health systems then public and private hospitals.

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