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Pacenet- for clinicians, built by clinicians.

PACENET is a complete electronic management system for all implanted cardiac devices. It is the largest dedicated cardiac implant database in the UK, potentially Europe and maybe the world.

An exercise with NHSSC and SCCL proved that across the NHS, Cardiac departments spend:

– 470 weeks a year on Medical Device Alerts & they still do not know if they’ve missed a patient
– 1.1 million hours a year on follow ups & reporting due to inefficient manual processes, at a cost of £35million a year
– 80% still use paper files and spend £30,000 each a year in paper

Until recently, there was no single paperless platform for managing in-clinic and remote monitored cardiac patients. There is difficulty in analysing patient data, inefficient workflows and a high potential for clinical risk & litigation.

Pacenet was founded 10 years ago by an NHS Consultant Cardiologist and Cardiac Physiologist. It has contracts with 40% of NHS Trusts, with a pipeline going through approval to deliver 75% by the end of 2024.

The Value Based Procurement exercise run with NHSSC/ SCCL (NHSE) and London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust showed the impact Pacenet can have on the NHS.

– A reduction in time spent on MDAs by 96% or 450 weeks per annum
– A reduction of 50% on time spent on follow-ups & reporting, or saving £15million
– A complete reduction in paper use or saving of £30,000 per cardiac department

This equates to freeing up 330 FTEs per annum or 2 staff members per NHS Trust.

The costs for the system can be supported by manufacturer agreements.

Pacenet has repeatedly been proven to have the broadest range of features. Those which come as standard are:
• Automation of in clinic & remote follow-up reporting, feeding directly into all EPR
• Procedural reporting automation
• MDA tool to rapidly identify affected pts & devices
• Stock management + financial reports
• Audit & search capabilities
• Integration with all EPRs & manufacturer equipment (Abbott, Boston, Medtronic etc)
• No hardware & minimal installation requirements

The future is to become the largest cardiac implant database globally & further incorporate AI to have the ability to predict device failure in advance.

Successes in UK/NHS

“Before I knew about PACENET I visited Imperial College. We had recently received an MDA and had spent 174 hours searching for the affected patients. I then watched them conduct the same search on PACENET in 27 seconds! That is the reason I will happily tell anybody that this is an excellent piece of kit” Cardiac Scientist, Royal Cornwall Hospital - Largest cardiac device database in the UK - Only system approved for VBP by NHSSC for around £245,000 net savings per annum

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