ORCHA (The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps)


Digital healthcare holds the power to revolutionise how we treat patients. But this revolution comes with risk. Right now, there are over 350,000 health apps out there and only 20% meet safety standards. How do you get the right products, to the right people, at the right time?

If digital health truly has the power to revolutionise healthcare, then we have to be just as responsible with it as we are with any other aspect of medical practice. It’s a risk that needs action, and with action comes innovation. This is where ORCHA comes in.

The Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Apps (ORCHA) exists to make digital healthcare healthy. Its suite of products, including ORCHA Assure, ORCHA Rx and ORCHA insight, spans the end-to-end core infrastructure needed to deliver digital health safely in healthcare services. It delivers a systematic approach to assessing, accrediting, deploying and embedding digital health technologies into clinical services and pathways, using a risk management approach that has long been in place for medicine.

ORCHA’s award-winning technology is used by national bodies, healthcare providers, and digital health innovators in twelve countries.

Key Facts

47% almost half of people in the UK have used a health app. There are 5 million health app downloads every day. 85% of people are satisfied by the health app they have used. 75% of people actively engage with health apps, using them at least once per week. 83% of people report that their health app helped them improve their health and wellbeing. Less than half of people find digital health from a healthcare professional, leaving the majority in the hands of google and friends. There are 365,000 health apps in app stores and only 20% of these meet thresholds for quality, safety or effectiveness.

Successes in UK/NHS

Our NHS and Social Care customers include Public Health England, MHRA, NICE, NHS Digital, NHS X, CQC, Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, British Dietetic Association, Society of Occupational Medicine and Providers in 70% of NHS regions, including 10 Integrated Care Systems.

Company details


Enabling core infrastructure

Enabling self-care


General health

Libraries and marketplaces

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Israel.

Desired Markets

Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, Asia Pacific.

Desired customer types

Government health systems, regional health systems, healthcare providers, life sciences, digital health suppliers.

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