Nye is a B2B digital health and life sciences company that is building the infrastructure for personalised medicine. Our powerful patient engagement and decentralised real-world data platform enables life sciences partners to learn from, personalise and adapt to every patient, continuously.

The platform has use cases across the life sciences and healthcare value chain from R&D to product life cycle extension. We are currently focussed on three use cases:

  • Digital first patient support programmes (digital patient engagement to drive better patient outcomes by supporting the launch and commercialisation of new products, ensuring more of the right patients, on the right treatments, faster and for longer).
  • Post-marketing surveillance (using decentralised, continuous, real-world data for real-time, individual level, post-marketing surveillance. Facilitating faster, more cost-effective safety and monitoring data by putting patients in control of the flow of their institutional health data).
  • ‘Smart’ pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer health products (combining elements of patient engagement and of decentralised, continuous, real-world data with the physical asset to enable the development of products that learn, personalise and adapt to each individual patient, continuously).

Together, these use cases open up the possibility for a new paradigm in the global pharmaceutical business model, in which interventions not only learn and personalise in the real world, but where the intellectual property of the intervention, through the combination drug, digital and data, evolves over time.

Key Facts

– Five-year R&D partnership with one of the top three pharmaceutical companies. – Supported five clinical trials, including the AstraZeneca Oxford Covid vaccine study and a principal study at Oxford University. – One million patient healthcare appointments enabled in the UK. – Approved NHS integrations covering decentralised electronic health records for 30m people.

Successes in UK/NHS

Previous experience scaling products to deliver more than one million patient consultations. Currently working in partnership with the UK office of one of the top three global life sciences companies.

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Driving insights and analysis


Drug discovery and Clinical trials

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

Currently UK only

Desired Markets

USA, Germany, Nordics, France, Australia, Japan

Desired customer types

Contract research organisations (CROs), academics, Pharma and bio tech companies.

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