Newton’s Tree


Newton’s Tree is a health technology company that enables healthcare systems to procure, integrate, and monitor AI products as part of routine care pathways through our advanced enterprise AI platform.

We believe that to deliver healthcare sustainably we need to radically reimagine healthcare delivery through the large scale adoption of safe and effective AI technologies.

Our partnerships with global AI developers and innovators drive this ambition throughout the product lifecycle, empowering leading healthcare organisations to accelerate the adoption of cutting-edge AI technologies.

Our founding team brings a globally unique experience at the nexus of healthcare, AI technology, and cutting edge research, positioning us to drive innovation in the sector.

Key Facts

Currently the only AI platform that has functionality for imaging and non-imaging AI models and to monitor or evaluate AI models.

Team experience of designing and implementing more than 50+ AI projects in health systems.

Successful recipient of a £1.3m innovate UK grant to support advancing AI-driven monitoring solutions.

Successes in UK/NHS

Hospitals and health systems face a critical challenge in testing, deploying, and operationalising AI applications. This involves managing numerous hardware components and individual vendor integrations. These complexities ultimately divert resources and limit the healthcare organisations capacity to leverage AI effectively to improve patient outcomes. We have built a leading AI platform that solves these issues and has already secured partnerships with three leading UK NHS hospitals. Our efforts have been further bolstered by a successful application with Innovate UK through the Federated AI Monitoring Service competition, which supports a project aimed at advancing AI-driven monitoring solutions.

Company details


Enabling core infrastructure


Data movement and interoperability

Health records and administration systems

Libraries and marketplaces

Security solutions

Company details

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Desired Markets

USA, Canada, Australia, GCC

Desired customer types

Healthcare purchasing groups and leading hospitals (public or private providers)

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