MyRenalCare revolutionises the management of chronic kidney disease by putting patients in the driving seat of their care. It caters for all stages of kidney failure and types of renal replacement therapy.
Patients self-monitor their condition against personalised targets set by their clinical team. They capture their own clinical observations, symptoms and can access their blood results. They can also proactively contact their clinical team when needed and access unique animated education content helping them to better self-manage their condition.

Clinicians can access this data and deliver 100% digital ‘virtual’ consultations without the need for a phone call, video call or face to face consultation. Clinicians send their patients reminders to do a blood test and are alerted when the results are ready. Clinicians review the data and share any recommended changes to their patients treatment strategy on the platform. They can remotely monitor their patients condition at any time and are alerted if their condition exceeds any set parameters. The additional and continuous patient captured data enables clinicians to make better decisions.

MyRenalCare significantly increases capacity and reduces costs for healthcare providers, reduces the environmental impact of managing chronic kidney disease and improves health outcomes for patients.

Key Facts

• Winner of the NHSX Digital Health Partnership Award and featured in the NHS X digital playbook • Increases capacity by 50% for stable, pre-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients • 98% patients recommend it • 92% patients say it is easy to use • 60% patients feel more engaged in managing their renal health

Successes in UK/NHS

MyRenalCare has been used by Portsmouth NHS Trust since 2017 and been awarded three charitable grants, two by Portsmouth Hospital Charity, and one by Kidney Care UK. MyRenalCare won an NHSX Digital Health Partnership Award to rapidly scale the number of chronic kidney disease users from 100 to 1000 by March 2023 (in collaboration with Portsmouth NHS Trust, the University of Portsmouth and Kidney Care UK). Following this successful project, independent health economists determined that MyRenalCare could increase out patient capacity by 33% whilst reducing costs to the NHS by 25%. Currently in Portsmouth MyRenalCare has more than 1400 users and has delivered more than 1500 fully digital ‘virtual consultations’ saving 250 hours of consultant time. MyRenalCare has subsequently secured its first multi year commercial contract and is looking to scale within the UK.

Company details


Delivering advanced patient care

Enabling self-care


Long-term condition monitoring

Specialised self-care (except mental health)

Company details

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Funding Status

Series A

Markets already exporting to

None yet

Desired Markets

Far East, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US

Desired customer types

Private health care providers and government health systems

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