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MBI Health are leaders in improving patient safety and performance in healthcare organisations. We give you confidence that your data is assured and accurate, so that you can make informed decisions and avoid surprises. The combination of expertise, healthy data, and technology provide complete oversight of your patient demand, helping you prioritise, contain cost, and increase productivity.


  • Advisory – Pinpoints issues, informs strategy and recommends practical action
  • Managed services – bring teams, skillsets and tools to realise planned activity like pathway validation
  • EPR Assurance – draws on 40+ implementations, to apply solutions on reporting continuity and operational stabilisation
  • Digital Automation – sustains improvement with task automation and continuous learning optimisation models



We’ve supported more than 500 projects, working with more than 90 NHS organisations and multiple international assignments over 20 years. We currently support more than 35 organisations per year. Our track record is one form of evidence, but our clients also feedback specific examples.  Click on mbihealth/insights to hear the evidence directly from partners working with MBI Health.


MBI have a rich history of innovation and continue to invest healthy in R&D to improve impact. For example, we were one of the earliest adopters of Natural Language Processing focussed on unstructured clinical documentation in hospitals. This tech is reading items like dictated clinical letters, to extract information and use machine learning to serve this into workflow queues of relevant people. Our services have been learning for past 7 years in active environments. It has helped enrich information about patients to demonstrably improve their care. Similarly, we are currently at the forefront of using robotic process automation, with pioneering projects seeking to transition many manual administrative hospital tasks to part or full automation.

Unique aspects of MBI

It’s the expertise of immersion in hospital operational environments directing people and tech that makes MBI unique. Knowing tech isn’t enough. It’s the knowledge of how everything fits together and operates that puts the guiderails around the power of AI.

Over the years we have gained the respect of NHS execs in providers and regulators alike. On this basis, we will often receive the call to recover a situation where other organisations and remediation approaches have failed to resolve matters. This frequent pattern recognises our unique niche skills set in hospital process, systems and data.

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Key Facts


MBI Health are trusted by NHSE and NECS to operate the National data quality dashboard for every hospital in England.  Since its introduction, this dataset has realised more than 60% improvement.

MBI Health Deliver most developed UK waitlist solution using unstructured clinical documentation to improve the integrity of pathway data quality. At a time when ‘correct information’ is perhaps the most critical foundational step to leveraging the successful transition to digital health powered by new technology.

Successes in UK/NHS

90+ projects with NHS organisations in last 20 years

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