We are Liopa. We were incorporated in 2015 to commercialise more than 15 years of PhD research at QUB in the field of speech and image processing. Using this deep knowledge, we developed an automated lipreading solution. Our technology – rooted in machine learning and AI – can decipher what a person is saying from their lip movements alone.

Liopa is the first company to release commercially available VSR (Visual Speech Recognition) technology, with the first application being our SRAVI app (www.sravi.ai).

SRAVI is a simple lipreading application that requires just a smartphone. It is bringing a voice to the voiceless.
With SRAVI, we help patients who have lost the ability to speak, to communicate with their loved ones & carers. SRAVI is deployed onto a smartphone, and when pointed towards the patient, the app analyses their lip movements to decipher what they are trying to say. SRAVI is being trialled in Intensive Care units within the NHS, and it has been commercially deployed at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Our lipreading technology can also be used in a range of other applications, including keyword spotting, active speaker detection, and silent communication – more info on these R&D apps can be found at www.liopa.ai.

Key Facts

During a feasibility study into the use of our SRAVI lipreading application to aid communication in an ICU environment, it was found that SRAVI returns the correct phrase that has been lip-read with greater than 90% accuracy. The recognition system is able to identify the correct phrase in the top 3 with 100% accuracy. The study is detailed here: https://www.sravi.ai/evidence.html

Successes in UK/NHS

SRAVI’s first commercial license was signed by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in October 2021. We are actively recruiting other trial sites across UK NHS hospitals.

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