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Kinseed makes working with any healthcare data easier, more secure, and more flexible than ever before. Hospitals around the UK and beyond are making better, faster, and more joined-up decisions based on their data through Kinseed’s revolutionary healthcare platform.

Kinseed’s SwiftCare platform is a cloud service which provides a wide range of clinical digital transformation tools. This includes electronic medical records & workflows, remote patient monitoring, resource management and smart enablement of legacy clinical devices. SwiftCare is used in over 45 UK hospitals, in a variety of critical and high-dependency settings to meet critical transformation needs:

Improved Patient Outcomes
Access to more accurate, timely and appropriate data has driven down ED admission and enabled more active community care, driving estimated £4M annual savings

Improved Operational Efficiencies and Collaboration
Instantly accessible data has helped many critical care and transport teams significantly reduce handover and briefing times, saving multiple FTE equivalents

Improved Flexibility
Every element of SwiftCare is inherently configurable and flexible – helping teams avoid tens-of-millions of pounds of IT consultancy and rework

Key Facts

1307 users (Acute Cae Specialist) using SwiftCare applications 100,000 – Acute Referrals managed using SwiftCare

Successes in UK/NHS

SwiftCare from Kinseed is being used in over 45 hospitals across the UK, and we are already seeing some incredible successes: The mobile ICU (“CATS”) team at Great Ormond Street Hospital use our MediVue equipment to remotely monitor patients in real-time: allowing expert clinicians and consultants to provide life-saving guidance to sick children from anywhere in the world and cutting down handover time to near-instantaneous. Teams around Birmingham, Leicester, Northern Ireland and beyond are using MediLog to track and manage clinical records and key operational decisions faster and easier than ever before, and have slashed transfer and handover times, speeding up their services and allowing them to reduce waiting times. Around the country, hospitals use MediTrack to signpost resource availability and “level” the service, reducing backlog and helping overcome service disruption from lack of bed availability. Our list of use-cases goes on, and we continue to build new functionality every day; a new service dashboard and “Smart Patient Flow” system developed in collaboration with trusts in the West Midlands is about to go live, and much, much more.

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Delivering advanced patient care


Acute and emergency care monitoring

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

At present, SwiftCare is actively used in the UK and ROI, and is exploring interests in Canada, Europe, India and the Middle East. SwiftCare is available to be purchased and used immediately in any market around the world, through the flexible cloud-based model it uses.

Desired Markets

We aim to see adoption of SwiftCare around the world. Our main target markets at present are Western Europe, North America (US / CA), India, and Polynesia (NZ / AU).

Desired customer types

Primary and Secondary care providers, and Healthcare-adjacent providers (e.g. Occupational Health organisations and Health research firms).

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