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Kinesis Advice and Guidance is secure, cloud-based (SaaS) Specialist Advice and Guidance solution for referral management. Over the last 10 years, Kinesis has been proven in improving referral practices, patient outcomes, and has realised savings of over £15m for the NHS. Kinesis was the first platform of its type on the market and has been developed alongside NHS Professionals over a 10-year period to create a fast, efficient system for all users.

Advice and Guidance is the process of a primary care clinician (or any clinician who requires support) searching for a specialist or a speciality before asking a clinical question regarding their patient. The hospital specialist will then respond back to our primary care clinician providing guidance on:
A, How to treat the patient locally, with no onward referral or
B, How to begin treating the patient whilst they await a secondary care appointment.

The process of seeking clinical advice & guidance is now a pillar of the NHS referral pathway and has played a key role in supporting our Primary Care Clinicians before, throughout, and after the pandemic.

Key Facts

The key benefits of implementing an Advice and Guidance process are: – Reducing lengthy waiting times – By treating more patients locally, we can ensure only the patient who NEED to be seen are on the waiting list. – Providing a better level of care in the community ¬– By supporting primary care with specialist knowledge, Advice and Guidance improves the level of a patient’s treatment locally. – Reducing hospital capacity – Advice and Guidance can ensure that hospitals are only seeing and treating patients at the right stage of their clinical progression. – Improved quality of referrals – Thanks to the clinical guidance provided and patients being recommended referral by hospital specialists, the quality of referrals being received is improved. – Begin treating patients – Many patients will experience a lengthy waiting time however; the primary care clinician can begin treating the patient locally before they are seen in secondary care. – Financial Savings – By avoiding unnecessary first outpatient appointments, health care departments can save much-needed finances on mitigated appointments. – Reduce unnecessary travel – Advice and Guidance solutions can prevent patients from travelling great distances for treatment that could have been managed locally. – Improved knowledge – By supporting primary care and providing expert clinical guidance, the process is also improving the primary care clinicians’ knowledge on how best to treat their patients. • To date, Kinesis has seen over 120,400 patient-related conversations go through the system, with over 73,000 saving a secondary care referral. • Kinesis currently has over 50 live specialities as well as numerous sub-specialities. • Kinesis has 3900 GPs and 893 Consultants registered to the system, serving a population of over 1,550,000 patients. • Kinesis has 270 GP practices registered on the system who can seek clinical Advice & Guidance from 10 secondary care and community providers. • Kinesis has helped our clients and the NHS to save over £15million • 61% of patient-related messages sent through Kinesis result in a saved first outpatient appointment. • Throughout the last 12 months, Kinesis has seen 83% of messages responded to within 2 working days.

Successes in UK/NHS

Kinata has been working with the NHS for over 10-years. The platform was initially run as a pilot in 2012 with Wandsworth PCT including all GP practices and NHS Trusts within the catchment area. Since the initial pilot, Kinesis has secured multiple NHS contracts which include Kent and Medway ICB, 5 separate London Boroughs within South West London ICB, East Sussex ICS. Kinata also works with a handful of prisons within the London area to support their healthcare teams. The prisons include HMP Wandsworth, HMP Belmarsh, HMP Thameside and HMP Isis.

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Augmenting healthcare professionals

Improving quality & efficiency


Decision Support and treatment planning

Triaging and Patient flow management

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Markets already exporting to

Kinata is currently approaching the Australian and New Zealand healthcare market. Kinata travelled to Australia earlier this year to meet with various State Health Departments.

Desired Markets

South America Africa

Desired customer types

Hospitals, Primary Health, Government health systems, Local Hospital Networks, Prison healthcare teams.

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