Holmusk is on a mission to harness real-world evidence to transform behavioral health. Holmusk leverages its industry-leading database to develop core offerings, including HolCare EHR+, an electronic health records platform with built-in measurement-based care, and NeuroBlu Research, a powerful data analytics solution that enables new insights.

In the UK, Holmusk collaborates with NHS Mental Health Trusts to offer MaST (Management and Supervision Tool) which analyses data and information from multiple sources to help healthcare staff predict risk of mental health crisis, make informed care pathway and resource allocation decisions, and ultimately provide safe and effective care.

MaST’s Risk of Crisis algorithm is derived from electronic health record (EHR) data and identifies people more likely to be admitted to hospital or a community crisis service in the next 28 days. Mental health teams can proactively manage caseloads, focusing greater attention to those at higher Risk of Crisis and potentially considering discharge options for those with very low Risk of Crisis.

MaST helps streamline the management of mental health crises and has led to:
• An increase in the number of crises managed by the community crisis services
• A reduction in mental health crisis rates
• A reduction in hospital admissions
• Improved staff satisfaction

Key Facts

MaST is commissioned by 8 NHS Mental Health Trusts in England Averaged across NHS Trusts, 73% of crisis episodes occurred in the group identified by the algorithm as high risk The reduction in hospital activity is estimated to have resulted in a cost saving of £1.7 million in the six-month period after MaST was introduced. (Health Economic Unit, 2022)

Successes in UK/NHS

MaST has been commissioned by 8 Mental Health Trusts, we are supported by the NHS Innovation accelerator. Over 50,000 mental health service users have been included in MaST with over 1000 healthcare workers using the solution to support caseload management. The Health Economics Unit (Midlands and Lancashire CSU) have completed an impact report based on Mersey Care's deployment of MaST funded by the Innovation Agency. MaST has attracted awards from HSJ, HTN and Positive Practice in Mental Health Collaborative.

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Markets already exporting to

None Holmusk has HQ in New York and Singapore but MaST has developed in UK under previous ownership in collaboration with NHS.

Desired Markets

We are hoping to export to USA and Asia Pacific.

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Mental Health Care Providers & Payers

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