HN delivers AI guided case-finding, clinical coaching, remote monitoring, and virtual ward solutions.
Since our UK launch, we have developed into an award-winning healthcare partner and have been supported by the NHS Innovation Accelerator since 2020.
We provide practical applications of population health management, going beyond just identifying high-cost, high-need patients and actually intervening to support them to improve their health and reduce their care consumption.
The HN approach is unique. We blend our advanced data scientific and AI capabilities with digital platforms. Our services are then delivered by highly experienced healthcare professionals. This provides the NHS and patients with integrated and comprehensive solutions.
Our vision is to empower patients – by engaging them in their own health and care, we will create sustainable healthcare for all.
The HN goal is ambitious – to embed our services into routine care within five years. This means healthcare that finds patients before they seek care.

Key Facts

Our AI has been demonstrated to successfully predict 8 in 10 unplanned care events. The RCT of our clinical coaching has shown that we can prevent a third of unplanned care events, while improving general health and patient activation.

Successes in UK/NHS

We are currently contracted with three integrated care systems, one Scottish health board, and ten primary healthcare organisations.

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Delivering advanced patient care

Driving insights and analysis


Drug discovery and Clinical trials

Long-term condition monitoring

Company details

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USA, Canada

Desired customer types

Integrated (payer-provider) care providers, integrated (primary-secondary) care providers, hospitals (private and charitable), government health systems, insurance companies.

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