HCI is a groundbreaking digital health company that is on a mission to empower the millions of people who have multiple health conditions, so that they can enjoy a better quality of life at home and make less demand on their health systems. 

We achieve this through CONNECTPlus, an all-in-one intuitive application designed to help people better manage all their multiple conditions and treatment pathways through a wide range of interactive functionalities such as education and information, symptom and medication tracking tools, digital care pathways, all set-up to match your local pathways of care.

Alongside, we have built the largest collection of healthcare videos in the UK with over 1,000 videos for use within CONNECTPlus. 

CONNECTPlus is already making a difference to the lives of patients and the NHS where we already have 60 conditions using NHS approved content and more are being built.

We deliver reduced demand and lower costs, as well as improved care for your patients.

Key Facts

We always target 20:20:20:

– 20% reduction in appointment numbers – 20% reduction in call numbers – 20% Reduction in waiting lists.


But we often achieve more, for example:

– Reduced waiting times from 3 weeks to 1 week to start medication

– Helpline calls down by 42.8%

– 87.5% reduction in weekly medication clinics (from 4 hours to 30 minutes)

– 62% of new start patients educated remotely through the app, and only 8% needed a phone call

– 75% reduction in rheumatology medication appointments

Successes in UK/NHS

We are a strategic partner with Torbay and South Devon NHS NHS Foundation Trust and work with another 20 NHS trusts and health boards. CONNECTPlus is also used by Legal and General insurance company. We were the providers of the national Health and Care Video Library for NHS England during COVID-19 supporting primary, secondary and community care right across England. We are suppliers to NHS England and Health Education England in a number of projects including ophthalmology and podiatry.

Company details


Delivering advanced patient care

Enhancing collaboration and communication

Improving quality & efficiency


Digitally-enabled out of hospital care

Patient engagement, communication and education

Company details

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Funding Status

Series A

Markets already exporting to


Desired Markets

Poland, Eastern Europe, South Africa, All African countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India

Desired customer types

Hospitals, government, regional health systems, private hospital groups, health insurers

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