FITFILE’s decentralised platform offers superior record-level data access, privacy treatment and linkage capabilities. We have the safest possible solution for linking irreversibly anonymised data and our computation at source capabilities power truly federated analytics in order to facilitate leading-edge differential privacy and best possible insights for health research, planning and care.

Key Facts

– Our innovative products were purpose-built to help all healthcare stakeholders harness the latent power of siloed clinical and non-clinical record-level data
– Our GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA compliant solutions can unite data records not just in identifiable or pseudonymised/ tokenised form, but uniquely on a patented irreversibly anonymised basis to offer fullest possible privacy in the most efficiently scalable manner
– Combining this with our computation at source supports minimal or even zero data movement
– We’re addressing key use cases such as outcomes tracking and study recruitment, health planning and service improvement, as well as value-based reimbursement models and improved resource allocation
– Based on analyses by the likes of EY, Deloitte, Evaluate, McKinsey and the King’s Fund, the economic value being unlocked by our solution exceeds £30 billion in the UK and more than £250 billion a year across Europe
– We’re engaged with global industry partners such as a Swiss-headquartered innovation service provider, US-headquartered PharmaCos and Contract Research Organisations, and we are in advancing stages of working with global charity and data aggregator partners.

Successes in UK/NHS

FITFILE has worked closely over the last 3 years with the clinical and senior management teams of leading NHS Trusts such as St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Barts Health NHS Trust and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where we have been able to help resolve the issue of siloed data across key therapeutic areas. Utilising our proprietary data unification platform and, where needed, unique anonymised linkage technology, we have provided critical insights to drive wide-ranging benefits such as improved resource efficiency, data to address health and care inequities, improved care pathways and novel insights for research. Some key project highlights include: St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 1. Supporting health and care planning of inflammatory bowel disease pathway – identifying age skew towards elderly and identified smaller black population within pathway, allowing health inequality to be addressed. 2. Detailed assessment of high-cost therapeutic drug use and pathway – informing demand pressures on, and improving management of, infusion suite. 3. Supporting funding reallocation towards best-suited treatments for stratified populations and addressing reimbursement of out-of-area patients. Barts Health NHS Trust 1. Tracking long-term patient pathways, treatment value and outcomes in chronic heart failure – with estimated efficiency improvement of >20%. 2. Development of a more efficient drilldown tracking tool for vital metrics on patients before and after treatment for personalised care. 3. Evidence generation of relative real-world effectiveness and safety of novel life expectancy increasing therapeutic. King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 1. Detailed chronic liver disease patient health profiles to support improved understanding and outcomes. 2. Surfacing of key composite scores to support superior and reproducible long-term outcome tracking and trend analysis. 3. Clinical pathway tracking of timeliness of Liver transplant referral for assessment and, for conservatively managed patients, their palliative care needs assessment to ensure quality improvement.

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