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Evergreen are transforming clinical services using their cutting-edge digital solutions, helping manage patients remotely, helping manage requests and referrals more effectively, and helping patients access their personal health records. This has assisted in tackling backlogs, improving efficiency, empowering patients, and reducing unnecessary procedures and appointments.

Working across many different clinical areas including oncology, gastroenterology, renal care, dermatology, rheumatology, endoscopy, cardiology, and many more, Evergreen have collaborated with clinicians to design highly flexible and intelligent digital solutions that work for them and their patients.

Using large amounts of data, Evergreen are also developing machine learning algorithms which help diagnose and manage conditions more effectively. This data can also be used to further research into population health and to help develop new treatments.

If you are a clinician, clinical service manager, or researcher (academic or pharmaceutical) interested in hearing more about how Evergreen could transform your clinic or provide data solutions, contact Evergreen today.

Key Facts

Evergreen have 1million app users, manage about 30% of the UK’s radiotherapy patients, have won numerous international awards, and have partnerships with some of the world’s biggest medical research organisations.

Successes in UK/NHS

We have been working with NHS hospitals across the UK (England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) since 2012. These include NHS Tayside, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. We also partner with the NHS for research collaborations (for example with University of Durham, University of Sheffield, and London South Bank University).

Company details


Delivering advanced patient care

Enabling self-care

Improving quality & efficiency


Long-term condition monitoring

Operational Efficiency

Specialised self-care (except mental health)

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

We currently export to Europe (Portugal). We are in the early stages of potentially exporting to France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and the United States.

Desired Markets

Open to any countries (Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand preferred) but English-speaking is desirable.

Desired customer types

Healthcare providers (such as hospitals). We are also open to partnerships with life sciences companies governments, and academic institutions.

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