Cogniss is the world’s first no-code ecosystem that enables healthcare experts and organisations to create advanced patient-facing and consumer-facing apps. Its unique point-and-click interface and 80+ pre-built widgets enable apps to be created in days and weeks, not months and years, and at a fraction of the cost – without a team of developers. This means that healthcare systems, organisations and experts can now create advanced digital health solutions that serve the unique needs of underserved groups, thereby reducing health inequity.

For enterprises, the Cogniss Super App model allows for multiple apps at different stages of development to be launched within a single app, before they are individually launched into the app store. This makes innovation possible at scale within large organisations. The Super App model also enables health enterprises to build ecosystems of multiple apps that can be adapted to different locations, languages or other factors.

Cogniss has been designed from the ground up to integrate with existing tools, new technologies and internal processes. APIs at the front and back end of the platform allow Cogniss to integrate with current and emerging technology, including biometrics, virtual assistants, medical devices, wearables, AR/VR, health monitors and IOT. Similarly, complementary software can seamlessly connect to the Cogniss platform including data analysis and visualisation tools, medical records, HR management systems, LMSes, and other business and compliance programs.

Cogniss is built on a Certified AWS Well-Architected Framework and has been designed to simplify the process of making digital health solutions compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, DTAC, DiGA, and more. 

Key Facts

Cogniss is being used by health experts all over the world, with a large percentage from the UK, Australia and the United States. The platform has been and is being used for projects by governments, health systems, healthtech innovators and startups, top research institutes, charities and leading universities. This includes healthtech innovator programmes and accelerators across the UK. For instance, Cogniss currently powers healthtech innovator programs for the University of Edinburgh and the University of Surrey and is a technical partner for the West Midlands Health Tech Accelerator. 

Cogniss also has a strategic partnership with ORCHA, a world leader in digital health evaluation and distribution, to ensure that apps created via Cogniss meet ORCHA’s Baseline Review standards. 

Successes in UK/NHS

Cogniss’s no-code ecosystem powers the work of digital healthcare innovators and researchers across the UK. For example, apps to help with menopause (Lumino), blood disorders (Haemnet), sepsis in young children (University of Plymouth), autism in young people (University of Southampton) and mental health assessment (OneBright), have been created or are being created using the Cogniss platform. Some international adopters of Cogniss include the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical School, the Australian Department of Health, Raising Healthy Minds, the University of Sydney and the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

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Company details

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Series A

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US and Australia

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UK, US and Australia

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Digital health experts and innovators (within health systems, healthcare providers, research organisations, health charities and life sciences companies)

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