C2-AI (Copeland Clinical AI)


C2-ai is the only performance analytics system that provides actionable insights across all specialities in surgery, general medicine and maternity care – to drive better patient outcomes, reputation and profitability.

We deliver actionable insights at the level necessary to resolve the 90% of clinical and operational issues that even the best hospitals with the best systems can miss. The result is that usually, we can release several million dollars worth of savings per year per hospital and free up a lot of capacity in the process.

As well as supporting 30% of NHS hospitals, Partners including McKinsey, PWC, KPMG, Deloitte and Optum recognise our unique approach. And health systems worldwide work with C2-AI to improve all aspects of finance, governance and quality of care – delivering improved outcomes for the patients who use those hospitals and the people who own them.

Using data already available and requiring zero integration, C2-AI solutions are delivered Information as a service (IAS) and can be operational in as little as 7 to 10 working days.

Key Facts

ROI improvements you can count on – with up to $20m savings per hospital, 54% reduction in surgical complications and 83% reduction in Hospital-acquired Conditions, like AKI and hospital acquired pneumonia.

Successes in UK/NHS

Supporting 30% of NHSE Trusts C2-AI has delivered systems for Clinical Analytics, COVID, Hospital at home and virtual wards. Integrated with multiple EPR and pathway management systems and extending in health equality, equity and Social Determinants of Health SDoH. Recommended by GIRFT and Covid elective recovery programme as best practice in risk stratification and prioritisation of waiting lists. Delivered AI tools to help reduce hospital acquired AKI and HAP by 83% and 44% respectively. A GDE blueprint solutions. 12 national and international awards in the last 2 years and partnering with PWC, KPMG, McKinsey, Deloitte, OPTUM and GraphNet on service development and deployment.

Company details


Driving insights and analysis

Improving quality & efficiency


Healthcare Data insights

Quality improvement

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

USA, Canada, Europe, Nordics, Middle East, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

Desired Markets

USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, South America

Desired customer types

Private Health Systems, Government Health Systems, Private Hospitals & Clinics, regional consultancies and system integrators.

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