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Feedback Medical liberates the data and knowledge hidden in multiple, disjointed healthcare IT systems and delivers better workflow to enable clinicians to collaborate and provide the best healthcare decisions for their patients.

Bleepa, our patient-centric clinical collaboration platform, connects care settings with diagnostic and other data to drive better, faster, safer decisions that improve outcomes for patients. By linking different clinical systems together into a seamless view of the patient, which is easy to use, we streamline patient pathways.

We give the team around the patient the communication and clinical data they need, wherever they are. Clinicians can see exactly where their patient is on the journey and easily ensure their exact needs are met.

We are from healthcare, so we create right-first-time services that meet a genuine need, are trusted by clinicians and valued for their convenience.

Key Facts

Estimated 74% reduction in referral response time / Estimated potential reduction in length of hospital stay of 1.6 days, on average / Estimated 69% reduction in patient wait times compared to the national 18-week target for referral to treatment / Estimated 89% reduction in outpatient requirement

Successes in UK/NHS

We work in close collaboration with a number of NHS trusts and integrated care systems in the NHS to improve their clinical collaboration, referral workflow and implementing symptom-specific patient pathways.

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Enhancing collaboration and communication

Improving quality & efficiency


Clinical collaboration and communication

Operational Efficiency

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

India - partnerships with diagnostic clinics, charitable hospitals and AI companies

Desired Markets

India, Middle East, US

Desired customer types

Private healthcare, insurers, government departments, military

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