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Support clinicians to deliver “blended” healthcare services (hybrid delivery) of in-person and video consultations, supported with digital remote monitoring and digital patient education to improve health outcomes, reduce the burden on clinical staff and enable a safe increase in the ratio of patients to clinical staff.

Certified as a Class I medical device (CE and UKCA marked). Developed to ISO 13485:2016.

Asthma+me: Hybrid care for Children and Young People with severe asthma at risk of hospitalisation from a further asthma attack. Includes: Spirometer, Smart Inhaler trackers, Asthma+me App, clinically reviewed education programmes for both Children and Young People and their adult Parents or Carers.
Active+me REMOTE Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Failure. Two dedicated hybrid delivery programmes for patients following a cardiac event and separately, long-term support of patients with Heart Failure. Includes Remote monitoring, video consultations, pre-recorded and live delivery of exercise classes, a paced-walking programme and the ability for patients to track levels of breathlessness or exertion.
Active+me REMOTE for Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Designed to support patients at any stage of their rehabilitation for respiratory disease. Includes patient-level alerts, symptom tracking, changes in physiological signs and adherence to medication with smart inhaler trackers.

Key Facts

Hybrid Cardiac Rehabilitation delivered during the pandemic using the Active+me REMOTE product achieved: – Increase in Patient Activation Scores from 65.5 at baseline to 70.2 (greatest increase from 61.9 to 75.0 in High-Risk groups). – Reduction in resting systolic blood pressure by 6mmHg. – Decrease in waist circumference by 7.5 cm. – Increase in self-reported physical activity. – Completion of the programme with Active+me REMOTE was 93.4% (in-person UK completion rate 77% nationally).

Successes in UK/NHS

Our products and platforms are now used in 8 NHS hospitals in the UK. Results from a real-world evaluation at Cambridge's Addenbrookes Hospital have been published in a peer-reviewed journal (December 2021).

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Delivering advanced patient care


Digitally-enabled out of hospital care

Long-term condition monitoring

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Ireland Brazil

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Australia, Canada, EU, New Zealand, USA.

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Hospitals, government health systems and private groups.

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