We use technology and innovation for the greater good, striving to make a positive difference to people’s health and wellbeing across the country.

We’re a leading employee owned technology consultancy, that works closely with sectors that are driving a positive change.

We have strong roots in healthcare, with over 30 years of experience delivering healthtech projects with national, regional and local NHS partners. We also work closely with education and government sectors.

We pride ourselves on knowing our customers. Whether that’s embedding software development teams or IT consultants, our work wouldn’t be possible without a desire to collaborate across organisational and commercial boundaries.

We provide a range of products and services that draw on our wealth of knowledge and experience in system integration and architecture, and the full software development lifecycle. With innovative developers, talented associates and clinical consultants all working together to drive change.

We combine software development and IT operations (DevOps) to help organisations deliver high-quality digital solutions and services at pace by incorporating agile practices and principles.

Our team were the first to introduce agile software development at scale to national NHS systems – successfully delivering many DevOps projects like NHS Trust electronic health record (EHR) programmes.

Key Facts

Starting from humble beginnings in 2007, Leeds based healthtech consultancy, Aire Logic, has grown into a leading healthtech provider with a longstanding relationship with the NHS. Over the last 12 months (21/22) the company has grown significantly winning several major public sector contracts over £50m, a staff base increase of 39% (136 to 189 heads) and a turnover growth of 24% (£29m to £36m). To complement this growth, in May 2022 Aire Logic made the leap into being employee owned, which saw the 189 staff become the majority owners of the business. Aire Logic’s low-code platform now supports over 1.3 million paperless record submissions every month and is used by more than 25,000 NHS staff and over 100,000 patients.

Successes in UK/NHS

In January last year, we were successfully awarded a place on the Digital Capability for Health Framework alongside 11 other key suppliers to support public health and other care organisations with digital outcomes and services. Having worked closely with NHS Digital for several years on projects like the API Management Platform and Data Processing Services programme – the framework enables us to continue to be a key partner in supporting digital healthcare transformation. Since the framework was formed, we have been successful in securing several major contracts with NHS Digital with a total contract value worth over £50m. We are passionate about 'tech for good' and committed to delivering projects that benefit healthcare. We look forward to continuing to co-design and deliver data-driven and digital healthcare services. Our most recent wins include two major programmes to support NHS Digital: Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service Adoption and Enablement We will be responsible for the migration and adoption of more efficient technologies across the NHS stakeholder community and will deliver and enable the IAM platform team’s products and services. GP IT Digital Definition Services We will support this programme, which is aimed at providing additional capacity to support the New Market Entrants team to deliver new suppliers of GP systems into the marketplace. Other notable wins include Data Optimisation, IAM Client and Credentials, Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC): Interoperability and Data Standards Other major contract wins include: https://www.airelogic.com/our-insights/aire-logic-appointed-to-support-future-covid-19-and-flu-vaccination-programme https://www.airelogic.com/our-insights/the-christie-partners-with-aire-logic-to-deliver-data-centric-openehr-programme

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Driving insights and analysis

Enabling core infrastructure

Improving quality & efficiency


Data movement and interoperability

Data platforms & environments

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Company details

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Markets already exporting to

USA - San Francisco (Paradigm)

Desired Markets

Europe, Middle East, USA (Wider than one state we already work within), Australia - happy to explore anywhere outside the UK

Desired customer types

Government Health Systems, Private Healthcare Providers, Hospitals/Clinics - public and private.

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