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Acadiant software helps save money, time, and effort, and contributes to quality improvement and patient safety. Acadiant’s intuitive solutions minimise the cognitive burden on clinicians and management, interoperate and integrate with healthcare software systems, and provide an immutable audit trail. Acadiant software helps clinicians improve patient care through data analysis for learning and insights.

Acadiant creates software in telehealth, virtual care, and patient safety. Software for the NHS includes:

  1. SMART—Structured Mortality Analysis & Review Tool, the most comprehensive mortality analysis tool in the NHS;
  2. CHARM—Clinical Harm, Audit, Review & Monitoring, an audit tool for hospitals to report whether patients suffered harm due to delayed cancer treatments;
  3. Maternity Direct, the UK’s first telehealth app connecting pregnant women with midwives, answering queries by text chat and storing their chats in the hospital’s record system.

In Canada, Acadiant’s software focuses on virtual clinics and medical research apps. Apps include:

  1. PULSE, a virtual care clinic for long-term management of heart-failure patients;
  2. RCOVID and ICOVID, virtual clinic apps for the management of COVID patients in the community and in hospital;
  3. REQUESTS, an app to manage and track research data requests across all clinical departments in research hospitals.

Key Facts

Hospitals using Acadiant’s SMART have reduced doctors’ time spent on mortality reviews by more than 50%; reduced referrals to the coroner by 65%; and reduced the time for bodies to be released to the bereaved families by 66%. Hospitals using Acadiant’s CHARM have reduced consultant time spent on mandatory cancer harm reviews by more than 66%.

Successes in UK/NHS

For the past six years, Acadiant has been building software in partnership with Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust (MSE), one of the largest NHS Trusts. To help hospitals meet requirements for Learning from Deaths and to improve patient safety, Acadiant created the mortality analysis tool SMART. More recently Acadiant built CHARM to help hospitals report whether patients suffered harm as a result of delayed cancer treatments due to COVID-19. Acadiant’s telehealth solution, Maternity Direct, won “Highly Commended” at HSJ Partnership Awards 2021 for Workforce Innovation as it helps better scale NHS resources. In July 2021, Acadiant deployed SMART to another NHS Trust on the recommendation of a former NHS regulator who had seen SMART’s effectiveness in helping with Learning from Deaths.

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Delivering advanced patient care

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Digitally-enabled out of hospital care

Quality improvement

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Markets already exporting to

Canada, where we have been working with the site lead for the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research. We recently opened our US entity, Acadiant Corporation.

Desired Markets

USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Also interested in Japan, France, the Netherlands, and the Middle East.

Desired customer types

Hospitals, government healthcare systems, private hospitals and private health care groups. Potentially insurance companies as well.

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