Our aim is to transform the current “sick care” system into a proactive patient care system where providers can leverage the Electronic Health Record Data to make better decisions, allocate resources and measure outcomes to deliver Proactive, Preventative healthcare and Earlier detection of disease.
The platform finds patients overdue, specifies all requirements, supports contacting the patients directly and identifies those who have not engaged. A population-level analysis of required monitoring is presented to doctors and managers to select the right patients to bring in organized by the greatest need or available capacity, whilst identifying gaps in care provision and planning their workforce capacity.
The software is being further developed to be able to recognize patterns in the health record to support the early detection of disease with focus on early referrals of cancer and to risk assess at population level to identify patients we would benefit from earlier interventions to prevent the onset of new disease.
We envision a world where existing disease is monitored continuously so that any deterioration corrected, new disease is detected as early as possible and where feasible, long-term conditions are prevented all together.

Key Facts

• Serving over 2.5 million patients • Working with 287 GP Practices • WIRED Health 2022 best start-up • UK’s NHS Innovation Accelerator 2022

Successes in UK/NHS

Solution being used by over 250 GP Practices supporting provision of care to 2.5 million patients

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Driving insights and analysis

Improving quality & efficiency

Providing advanced screening and diagnostics


Healthcare Data insights

Primary Care Screening

Quality improvement

Company details

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UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA

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Government health systems and Private Clinics

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