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Alertive App Helps Take Pressure Off NHS Nurses

Digital health and communication are having a significant impact on vital roles within the NHS. Implementing our internal communications technology, the Alertive App makes a substantial difference for over 6,000 NHS nurses and clinical staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Through the Alertive App, you now experience reduced stress, an improved working environment, and enhanced staff wellbeing, leading to better outcomes for your patients. In a recent survey conducted among staff using the app, an impressive three-quarters (75%) believe it enables more effective communication than the previous Pager system.

One of the key benefits is eliminating stress and anxiety caused by delayed responses to messages or bleeps. Before the app, almost three-quarters (70%) of respondents experienced such pressure, contributing to emotional exhaustion for 38% of the staff and burnout for 34%.

With the Alertive App, secure and timely communication among colleagues is now possible, ensuring that users have the support and information they need when they need it. This has allowed users to prioritise their workload better, promoting greater staff wellbeing. The peace of mind in knowing that you can quickly seek help, advice or escalate patient concerns has been invaluable.

In a recent survey conducted at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the impact of Alertive on mitigating stress levels among healthcare staff is noteworthy. The survey results demonstrate that healthcare staff using Alertive reported levels of burnout 23.6% lower than non-users. When measuring levels of job-related stress, Alertive users scored 46.95% lower than staff who were not yet using the product. These statistics highlight the platform’s effectiveness in helping healthcare professionals navigate daily challenges and create a less stressful work environment.

The data also demonstrates a substantial decrease in excessive messages received outside working hours by Alertive users, amounting to a 62.60% reduction. Additionally, the survey delved into communication issues within the Trust, a common source of frustration among healthcare professionals. The results showed that Alertive users reported a 42.69% decrease in communication-related stress compared to staff not yet using the product, showcasing the platform’s ability to streamline and enhance communication processes within the healthcare setting.

The Chief Nursing Information Officer at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Emily Wells, highlights how the app has accelerated response times, thereby reducing stress.

“No longer do you have to wonder if a colleague received your message or bleep; now, you can stay informed about their availability and communicate more efficiently.”

Our Co-CEO, Kevin Douglas, emphasises that effective internal communications directly impact your ability to provide excellent patient care. By resolving common communication issues, the Alertive App empowers users to work more efficiently and experience less frustration, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Furthermore, our data-driven approach shows the tangible benefits experienced by Alertive users compared to non-users. Those using the app report feeling better supported and experience significantly lower levels of burnout, stress, and frustration.

We are delighted to see that our collaboration with early customers, including Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has paid off by delivering innovation that meaningfully impacts hospital staff. We remain committed to continuously improving the app and supporting you in your critical roles as digital nurses.

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