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Deploying Digital Consent and Patient Education Articles is a huge leap forward in patient experience and medico-legal protection.

  • supports shared decision making principles by allowing the 2-way flow of information between the patient and clinician
  • sends complete procedure-specific patient education documentation for patients to engage with at home
  • is digitally inclusive but paper pathways are also supported
  • works with Hospital Integration Engines, PAS and EPR systems
  • allows remote consent at home
  • allows hospital consent
  • supports consent for adults, children and patients lacking capacity
  • supports multiple and optional procedures
  • has patient engagement reports for time spent reading the information, how often they visit it and which pages they have read
  • records notes made by the patient at home
  • allows clinicians to approve and address patient notes
  • can provide third party or hospital-approved information to patients in addition to EIDO’s library of information
  • allows the hospital to mandate key information about material risks to be in the core consent form
  • ensures all patients get standardised information

Key Facts

Supplier to NHS organisations since 2002. Currently supply over 65% of acute NHS hospitals and 85% of UK private hospitals. Estimated 8 million patients per year make treatment decisions supported by EIDO documentation.

Successes in UK/NHS

EIDO is the only provider of information to UK hospitals that enjoys the editorial input and endorsement of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, and many other smaller colleges and associations. EIDO has had nation-wide contracts in the UK since 2006 through back-to-back multiyear contracts after competitive tenders. EIDO was awarded lifetime member status by the Plain English Campaign in 2015; this award is testimony to the fundamental principle at EIDO of making sure that patient information for consent is accessible and easy to read.

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Enhancing collaboration and communication

Improving quality & efficiency


Operational Efficiency

Patient engagement, communication and education

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Markets already exporting to

Australia, Canada, Greece, India, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, UAE and Australia.

Desired Markets

USA, South America, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia/Nordics, ASEAN/APAC

Desired customer types

Private & Public Hosptials Government bodies Medical Insurers Indivual Surgeons Medical Device Distributors Healthcare Accreditation bodies Medical Tourism Health-Tech distributors Health-Tech developers Health-Tech companies

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