Providing healthcare is a team sport: one patient, shared between and cared for by many individuals, teams, departments and facilities, handed over between shifts, specialties, referrals, outpatient, community and home.
Vital information is lost in this complexity of communication, done mainly through informal or insecure, paper based and verbal messaging, as it is not handled well in real time by hospital information and patient record systems. This creates risk, and harm to patients and staff because tasks get missed, delayed or done incorrectly, primarily due to errors in communication.
CAREFUL is an app, on mobile or any device that enhances and integrates with existing information systems. It enables key, actionable next steps to be shared in real time: allowing collaboration on critical tasks between many stakeholders. CAREFUL answers the three critical questions needed at every step of the patient journey – what’s happening now, what’s happening next and who is responsible.
CAREFUL has been created by clinicians and technologists with deep global industry experience: 16 team members are located in and cover partnerships in the UK, Ireland, GCC, India, ASEAN and Australia. CAREFUL enables seamless coordination, shared visibility and clear accountability. For safe and efficient continuity of care.

Key Facts

As a result of poor coordination and communication, 1 in 10 patients suffer avoidable harm, 50% stay more days than necessary, an hour per shift is wasted, 15% of expenditure is wasted, 20% of outpatient revenue is lost

Successes in UK/NHS

We have developed the product in conjunction with hospitals and clinicians in both the independent and public sectors. The platform is currently being used in the NHS at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells, and at Withybush Hospital NHS Wales, at BUPA Cromwell London and Circle Health

Company details


Delivering advanced patient care

Enhancing collaboration and communication

Improving quality & efficiency


Clinical collaboration and communication

Integrated and coordinated care

Quality improvement

Company details

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Markets already exporting to

Current partnership development markets: UK,GCC, India, Singapore, Australia

Desired Markets

We would like to add Ireland and South America (Spanish version available) ; the product has global application!

Desired customer types

Hospitals, Clinics, Community Care Facilities, Government health systems including emergency services, Insurers, Medical evacuation organsiations, Hospital Information System/Electronic Patient Record Vendors (for integration)

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